A linux system documentation tool order to get a view of what is going on inside of your machine...

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With SYSDOC you can generate a documentation of your linux system installation easily. Just simple as can be, one single Command: sysdoc ;-)
It collects all the informations (cmd-outputs and files) you will need to analyse a linux running system or to restore important files to a degraded installation.
All informations are packed into a single tgz-file (for easy transportation or even archiving). Most zip/tar-tools can handle this tgz directly (w/out unpacking).
The complete documentation and man page is included in the packages (see left links) or can be read directly (see right links)

License: GPL
For those of you, who are willing to test sysdoc on other distributions (w/out rpm-support) for example debian, ubuntu, slackware, bsd?, there is a tgz-package available now :-)

For BladeFrame users:
Please download the tgz-package, unpack it to a directory of your choice (e.g.: ~/sysdoc) and start sysdoc out of this dir.
By following this procedure you can be sure not to harm any warranty claim.

-----: Changes in 0.994-8 (Codename SDIZ) rel. 22.09.2018 - 18:58 :
CHANGE:   boot section to collect all grub*-files under /etc
CHANGE:   fixed and improved systemd infos

-----: new in 0.994 (Codename PriP) Rel.5:
NEW:   support for kernel versions 3.x
NEW:   support for grub2
NEW:   support for systemd (systemstartup)
NEW:   added dev-mapper infos /dev /dev/block
CHANGE:   changed boot-collection: base=/boot ; no lilo investigation any more
CHANGE:   changed output: no trailing ...'s
CHANGE:   changed disk collection (no /dev/mapper entries)

-----: new in 0.993 (Codename FATS) Rel.5:
CHANGE:   fixed sys-tgz-collection (echo * > ls -1)

-----: new in 0.993 (Codename FATS) Rel.4:
NEW:   "last"-output to system-status
NEW:   sg_map to device info
NEW:   info for loop-mounts in filesystem-section
CHANGE:   respect new versions of ServerView-RAID (/opt/fujitsu...)
CHANGE:   snmpwalk fsc: new name: ServerView + complete 231-tree
CHANGE:   filesystems: df + -a
CHANGE:   snmpd.conf retrievel from cut -f 9 to cut -d "/" (older date presentations)
CHANGE:   /sys collection: not collecting /sys/kernel (due to infinit time)
CHANGE:   sysstat-collect execution to be done w/in bash (due to complex cron-job lines)
CHANGE:   order of license + size in rpm-package info
CHANGE:   repository info to detailed (-d) for suse-zypper
CHANGE:   /etc/conf's to *conf* but --exclude="gconf" (files+dirs)







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